About Trabeth Textiles

At Trabeth we supply fine fabric for all tastes. To meet today’s rapidly changing world of home decor the Trabeth Textiles philosophy is simple, by combining innovation creativity and foresight. The company keeps ahead anticipating trends and predicting swings in taste and style well before they happen.

Thanks to the diversity of our products we have adapted to our customers demands and needs at every turn, providing top decoration fabrics.
All our designs have complimented home decor over the years and now the ongoing effect is to offer new and original designs in all our products setting new fashion trends in home furnishings.

Trabeth Textiles Mission Statement

“To provide quality and medium priced value products to customers with unsurpassed quality and delivery.”

For our customers we also have a service where by we convert our fabric supplying Ready Made Curtains, Custom Made Curtains, Coated Linings, Swags, Pelmets, Romans, Curtain Tracks, Loose Covers, Cushions, Bolsters, Trimmings and Installation.

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