At Trabeth we supply fine fabric for all tastes. To meet today’s rapidly changing world of home decor, the Trabeth Textiles philosophy is simple; combine innovation, creativity and foresight. The company keeps ahead, anticipating trends and predicting swings in taste and style well before they happen.

Thanks to the diversity of our products, we can adapt to our customers demands, providing top decoration fabrics, rugs and accessories.

TRABETH believe in ethical trading. We understand the importance of working with ethically approved mills and want to make sure that you, the customer, know we audit all of the mills that we work with. We ensure that our mills work to the SEDEX standard which enforces the mills to offer good working conditions, correct living wages and no child labour etc. We also ensure that the mills we use meet the REACH requirements and this means that they don’t use any chemicals that can be harmful in any way.. Contact us if you wouId like to see the list of guidelines which we work to.

Contact us on (03)9761 6444 or email