Blossom and butterflies are abundant at The Chateau. Both are fleeting and precious reminders to stop and enjoy them in the moment

“Spring is a very special time at The Chateau. Winter passes and spring starts to say “hello”, and for a short time the trees are bursting with sweet scented blossom. Some butterflies only show their beauty for a week, gracing us with their poise and elegance. The delicate formations, the smell, the blossom snow caused by the wind – all are reminders of how beautiful and magical nature is.”

Cushions 45cm x 45cm, Poly/Feather/Cover, Front 56%Linen/44%Viscose Back 100% Polyester, Dry Clean Only

Doorstop 14cm x 14cm x 18cm, Sides 100% Cotton, Top & Bottom 100% Polyester, Dry Clean Only