The BLOSSOM collection invites you into a world where nature’s beauty meets contemporary design. The Cherry Blossom pattern symbolizes spring’s freshness and burst in colors. The tropical designs are elegant and exotic, taking you back to faraway lands. Together with the geometric patterns, the designs in BLOSSOM create a serene ambiance, perfect for transforming spaces into tranquil retreats that balance modernity and nature’s charm.

Roll Size 0.53m x 10.05m

Quality 100% FSC – certified non-woven

Shokoofeh – Repeat 64cm Match Drop

Roosta – Repeat 64cm Match Drop

Ravan – Repeat 64cm Match Drop

Avina – Repeat 64cm Match Drop

Bita – Repeat 64cm Match Drop

Mahi – Repeat 53cm Match Straight

Plain GL76501-GL76505 – Repeat 32cm Match Drop

Plain GL76801-GL76806 – Repeat 53cm Match Straight

Nazok – Repeat 64cm Match Straight