Evoking the essence of life’s vibrant panorama, the Chroma I collection weaves tales steeped in nature’s artistry and timeless serenity. Anchored in a palette of earthy, muted tones, every design unfolds a narrative—from the pulse of vibrant foliage to tranquil tableaus. These patterns resonate with a tangible touch, marking moments of elegance and subtle splendour.

All fabrics have a Composition 92% Polyester, 8% Linen and a Rub Test of 58,000

Araj – Width 137cm, Vertical Repeat 43cm Horizontal Repeat 38.5cm

Forres – Width 141cm, Vertical Repeat 32.5cm Horizontal Repeat 31.5cm

Itsuki – Width 139cm, Vertical Repeat 32cm Horizontal Repeat 58cm

Kaisha – Width 137cm, Vertical Repeat 64.5cm Horizontal Repeat 65cm

Mashiko – Width 141cm, Vertical Repeat 43cm Horizontal Repeat 40.5cm