Transform your house in a paradise corner!

It has been inspired by Thai landscapes belonging to a country full of wonder and beauty.
A story exploring the intricate details of majestic temples and evoking the spectacular view of paddy fields full of water when they reflect sky above them.
A story full of the tipical vegetation of large and mysterious jungles, where lianas give a further surprising element while they wrap to the trees or hang from branches.
This collection fully created by Cristiana Masi has bright and fashion colourways and it captures the nature’s essence inviting you to explore the beauty of your living space with no renunciation to style.

Roll Size 0.53m x 10.05m

Composition: TNT – Vinyl

Rice Paddy, Temple, Rattan: Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Straight Match 53cm

Jungle – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Offset Match 53cm

Liana – Design Width 64cm, Design Repeat Offset Match 64cm

Plaid – Design Width 53cm, Design Match Straight Match 8.8cm

Ruler, Canvas – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Zero

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