A young and light aesthetic contrasting minimalist trends to give birth to a new style in the name of warm, happiness and positive vibes!
A collection embracing eclectic and vibrant styles, maximalist textures and all that brings attention to pure colour to let your environments shine bright and offer an extremely stimulating space to those who live in from an aesthetic, psychological and energetical point of view. Through a deep study on colours, Cristiana Masi plans and realizes a mix of chromatic scales moving among dense vegetations, pop flowers and modern geometries: a collection reinterpreting relaxing and calming priorities of green, enhancing magic and elegance of violet and blue, emphasizing creativity and positivity of orange and yellow. Have fun, plan and colour your house with our wallpapers. The funniest side?
Mixing colours in contrast creating your personal style!


Roll Size 0.53m x 10.05m

Composition: TNT – Vinyl

Ficus, Flower, Palm Less: Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Straight Match 53cm

Sunsets, Matisse – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Offset Match 53cm

Plait, Lunar – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Straight Match 26.5cm

Minimal – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Straight Match 7.7cm

Disk, Hippie – Design Width 53cm, Design Match Straight Match 6.6cm

Ruler, Canvas – Design Width 53cm, Design Repeat Zero

All Certifications can be found on www.parato.it/en/certifications-parato-italy/